EPDM and TPV Granule Color Mixer

Unsure about your color options?  We can help.  Our custom color mixer allows you to pre-mix color options to find your perfect surface aesthetic.  Select color mixes from 2 to 4 colors.  Once you have your selection, request samples from your Robertson Representative to ensure the color is exactly what you want.  

Note that the colors in this mixer are representative of our EPDM and TPV color options.  Actual samples should be requested to ensure your selection meets expectations.  

*Indicates colors may incur longer lead times.  Please consult with a representative for availability.

poured in place rubberColor Options

Review our color selection below for either TPV or EPDM wear course granules

  • standard red rubber granules Standard Red RH01
  • standard beige rubber granules Standard Beige RH30
  • standard green rubber granules Standard Green RH10
  • Standard blue TPV rubber granules Standard Blue RH20
  • Bright red rubber granules Bright Red RH02
  • bright green rubber granules Bright Green RH11
  • Dark green rubber granules Dark Green RH12
  • Dark Gray rubber granules Dark Gray RH60
  • Light grey rubber granules Light Grey RH61
  • Pale gray rubber granules Pale Gray RH65
  • Brown rubber granules Brown RH32
  • Cream rubber granules Cream RH31
  • Light blue rubber granules Light Blue RH22
  • Azure black granules Azure RH23
  • Turquoise Rubber granules Turquoise RH26
  • Purple rubber granules Purple RH21
  • orange rubber granules Orange RH50
  • Bright yellow rubber granules Bright Yellow RH41
  • Earth Yellow mustard rubber granules Mustard RH40
  • Former Eggshell beige Standard Beige
  • standard red epdm granules 062 Standard Red
  • Standard blue EPDM rubber granules 064 Standard Blue
  • Standard green epdm granules 067 Standard Green
  • bright red epdm granules 082 Bright Red
  • dark green epdm granules 047 Dark Green
  • bright green rubber granules 087 Bright Green
  • Dark blue rubber granules 054 Dark Blue
  • Bright blue EPDM rubber granules 084 Bright Blue
  • brown epdm granules 046 Brown
  • beige brown epdm product granules 076 Beige Brown
  • White EPDM rubber granules 060 White
  • Gray epdm rubber granules 065 Gray
  • Mid Gray EPDM rubber granules 055 Mid Gray
  • Dark Gray epdm rubber granules 045 Dark Gray
  • Bright yellow epdm rubber granules 089 Bright Yellow
  • Yellow EPDM rubber granules 069 Yellow
  • purple colored EPDM rubber granules 044 Lilac
  • Bright Orange EPDM rubber Granules 083 Bright Orange