Bonded Rubber

Bonded Rubber is poured on-site like poured rubber, but consists of shredded rubber pieces, as opposed to granular pieces. It provides the same seamless surface and can be used in similar applications as poured-in-place rubber.

Bonded Rubber Playground

About Our Bonded Rubber

Our bonded rubber is an alternative to traditional poured rubber surfaces. It provides the same highly accessible one-piece surface but utilizes larger pieces than poured-in-place rubber.

It is poured onsite in a single-layer system that resembles bonded rubber mulch, achieving a natural appearance for your outdoor facility. It is porous, drains well, and dries quickly. Some of our custom colors resemble wood fibers or other natural materials, but since the material is bonded together, it doesn’t require the same upkeep and maintenance. Our bonded rubber surfacing will not blow away, or migrate outside the play area.

Product Details

Our custom bonded rubber surfacing is available in six natural colors and three colorful mixes.  In addition to playgrounds, bonded rubber surfacing can be installed for trails and in some landscaping applications.

Benefits of Bonded Rubber

Bonded rubber is a seamless surface that mimics engineered wood fiber but is easier to maintain. 

Bonded rubber can provide a lower cost option than other seamless surfaces because it doesn't take as much time to install. It does not absorb water, and will not freeze. It's a great option for paths, walkways and playgrounds. Other reasons to install bonded rubber mulch:

  • Rubber is 100% recycled
  • Larger particles provide the natural look of loose fill surfacing without the disadvantages of displacement
  • Its single layer may offer a lower cost and quicker install
  • UV and moisture resistant


  • Playgrounds - Bonded rubber surfaces add a natural look to any playscape.  The advantage of this poured process is the elimination of displacement and refill that loose fill surfaces will require.
  • Rubber Trails - Robertson specialized product Trail Turf, can be used for paths, walking or jogging trails, tracks in football stadiums and courtyard paths.
  • Landscaping - Bonded rubber is a great alternative to loose fill landscapes as well.  Perfect for hotels, neighborhood shared areas, church courtyards, etc.  

Product Data

View support files for bonded rubber products below and contact us with any additional questions.

  • Comprised of a precise combination of 100% wire free, clean recycled rubber, a polyurethane binder, and a pigmented colorant
  • The binder is a 100% Single Component MDI based Polyurethane binding agent.
  • Installed and troweled by hand to provide a resilient, seamless appearance

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