TotTurf Trails

Walking trails and pathways in public parks are becoming more and more important for community health improvements.  We have solutions to help get your family, friends and neighbors out of the house and back outside for a walk! 

Trail Options

We have three options for trails in your area park, school campus, neighborhood or community.  Two TotTurf Trail options with pea gravel and one option using our bonded shredded rubber system.

Porous Rubber Trails1

TotTurf Trails 

This innovative trail solution combines flexibility and durability into one for the perfect pathway.  This surface is aesthetically pleasing yet natural looking.  Its highly wear-resistant and engineered for use in high traffic areas. 

Our system comes in two options:  Standard with black SBR and Pea Gravel or Supreme with black SBR mixed with colored TPV or EPDM granules and pea gravel.   

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TotTurf Trails 

TotTurf Trails are durable and yet easy on the joints.  These trails are ADA compliant when installed properly and require minimum maintenance.

Bonded Rubber for Trails

Bonded Rubber Trails

Featuring all the benefits of a bonded poured rubber playground surface, these trails are natural looking and attenuating for a softer, more comfortable walk through the park.  Available in multiple color pallets, all inspired by nature.   


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Product Data

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  • Durable and Easy on the Feet
  • Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Porous Surfacing System
  • ADA Compliant
  • Supreme Trails offer a Variety of Colors
  • Minimum Maintenance Required


For TotTurf Standard and Supreme Trails

Minimum Thicknesses – With and Without Borders:
• Over Concrete – ½”
• Over Asphalt – ¾”
• Over Compacted Aggregate – 1.5”

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