Loose Fill Surfaces

Robertson proudly offers all types of compliant surfaces.  Our history is firmly rooting in industry-leading poured rubber surfaces, but we recognize that some of our customers are interested in loose fill options.  Check out how we can help below.

Loose Fill Surfacing - Rubber or Wood

Two common loose fill surface options that will meet standards for compliance in the US are shredded recycled rubber and engineered wood fiber (EWF).  

Rubber mulch loose fill

Shredded Loose Fill Rubber

Our rubber mulch is made of recycled content, creating a pliable, resilient, permanent surface to help reduce damage from falls, and to discourage mold, mildew and insects.  People like this option because of its soft landing and more natural look.  Also, recycling is always a good option.  We proudly recycle tires in the U.S. to make this product.  

Swing with loose fill ewf

Engineered Wood Fiber

EWF is popular across parks and playgrounds in the U.S. due to its lower initial price point.  It delivers a natural look and excellent fall height compliance.  Great for community builds as well.  A group can install without expert labor.  


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