Engineered Wood Fiber Calculator

Engineered Wood Fiber Calculator

Engineered wood fiber is one of the most popular options for playground safety surfacing, and for good reason! EWF is an organic surface spun from the inside of trees. Wood fiber is highly sought-after because it is inexpensive to purchase and install, easy to maintain, and compliant with ADA standards!

How Much Engineered Wood Fiber Should I Order?

Engineered wood fiber is sold by the cubic yard. Most professionals suggest a minimum depth of 9″-12″. Wood fiber tends to settle about 3″ under normal wear and weather conditions.

Using a calculator you should input your width, length, and required depth to find the necessary cubic yard your playground will need. This is done by multiplying the dimensions of your playground in feet, then dividing it by 27 which is how many feet are in a cubic yard. For example, if you have a playground that’s 20 feet wide and 20 feet long with a required depth of 12 inches, the equation will be [20x20x1]/ 27 (12 inches in a foot). You’ll end up wanting to buy 14.8 or 15 cubic yards of the engineered wood fiber.

About Engineered Wood Fiber

As the wood fibers settle, they begin to form a “knitted layer.” This compacted surface becomes smooth enough that wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers can be rolled over it with ease. Not only is engineered wood fiber ADA compliant, but it also meets all ASTM International safety requirements. EWF does require regular maintenance. As time goes by, the surface may become uneven or decompose causing a decrease in depth. In order to fix this and maintain proper safety standards, the surface should be regularly raked and measured for depth. If the depth of wood fiber becomes too low to meet the fall height standard, more wood fiber must be added.

Tip: installing a drainage system or installing the wood fibers over a layer of gravel, separated by a layer of fabric, is a great way to ensure proper drainage and avoid freezing and puddling.

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