Why SilverBack™ backing makes the strongest turf ever!

Why SilverBack™ backing makes the strongest turf ever!

You’ve probably bought carpet for your home once or twice in your life. You likely have never bought synthetic turf. If you ever do, consider the important similarities of carpet and synthetic turf. At the carpet store the consultant usually explains the importance of backing to the longevity and appearance of the carpet and usually you end up paying a little more for carpet with better backing. If you’ve ever bought synthetic turf, you likely based your decision on length of grass blade, color of thatch, and in most cases the lowest price. What about the backing? Backing is just as important or more important with synthetic turf as with carpet, so get the best. The best backing for synthetic turf is SilverBack™.

SilverBack is used in the manufacturing of our synthetic turf and creates a stronger version to withstand repeated play and other activity.  The technology used in the SilverBack coating provides extraordinary penetration to provide the strongest turf binds in the market.  The SilverBack system penetrates the yarn versus only covering the back stitch to ensure each yarn is completely secure. Each yarn is locked in throughout the entire bundle by efficiently securing each individual fiber through maximum yarn penetration. By providing this unequaled yarn penetration there are dramatic increases in turf bind strength. The entire SilverBack system is designed to offer maximum performance in every facet of our synthetic turf system. Quality, strength and stability are obtained to ensure that the turf maintains its structural properties in all directions.

SilverBack™ backing fully encapsulates each and every yarn (grass blade) in a polyurethane bed of strength. This significantly reduces the chance for yarn pullout or fracture. SilverBack’s™ complete wrap of each individual yarn stitch cushions every top, every bottom, and every side. There are all sorts of technical terms like optimal dimensional stability, maximum performance, and full yarn penetration, but what matters is that turf systems with SilverBack™ backing look better and have a longer useful life than other popular brands. 


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