Maintenance and Repair Experts 

Protect your investment and ensure long term use! Maintaining a poured in place surface is essential to help ensure an attractive, long lasting surface. 

Roll Coat - Before and After

TotTurf Refresh

Direct sunlight, extensive debris, and overspray of irrigation/reclaimed water with chemicals are the enemy to any rubberized surface. The level of repeat use on the playground will also be a factor as to how long you can expect your surface to properly perform. Scheduled every 18 to 24 months, based on usage, TotTurf Refresh Roll Coats are your best proactive plan to extending the life of your safety surface.


Routine Top Coats

After appropriately and regularly cleaning the surface (check your maintenance and cleaning documents), our specially formulated urethane binders penetrate the wear course of the pad to restore the bonding of granules. The coating also provides UV protection from sun damage and helps minimize future cracks and granulation.

Re-Top Solutions for Poured Rubber Surfaces

_5 in ReNew

ReNew .5" Overlay

Recreational surfaces that have just become thin (granulated) and appear to be worn, but the cushion layer is still intact and compliant, may qualify for a ½" wear course overlay. This option is often your most cost-effective solution.

1.5 in ReNew

ReNew 1.5" Re-Top

Surfaces that are experiencing wear course holes, spider cracking, seam separations and bottom (cushion) layer wear may require a more extensive re-top to prevent non-compliance. A 1.5” re-top is the next best solution. We offer this option and will install a new 2-layer system over the existing system


Both solutions include complete removal of the perimeter (4" to 12”) allowing the new surface to properly bond the edge and taper up from the curb/sidewalk to maintain an ADA accessible access.

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Patch Repairs for Small Holes or Basic Wear

Patch Repair

Patch Repairs

Our experts at Robertson are well versed in poured rubber repair.  If you notice holes in your existing pads, we can help determine if they are serious and need an overlay or re-top or just small patch repairs.

Patch repairs can be done by your in house maintenance crews or we can send out our crews to fix on site.  Either way, we can help. 

Contact your representative or request a quote from us and we will help you make the proper decision.