Lion Park

Lion Park Costa Mesa, California

Architect: David Volz Design
General Contractor: Handy Industrial

Lions Park began its life in 1940 as Costa Mesa Park after the citizens of the still unincorporated community petitioned the County for a park district. The 10-acre site selected was purchased from Alice Plumer, the person who had picked the community's name in 1920.  Much later, the county park district was transferred to the incorporated City of Costa Mesa. In the late 1970s, the name was changed to Lions Park because of that group's long history of holding their Fish Fry community fundraiser in the park. The park now includes Davis Field, Costa Mesa Historical Society, Downtown Recreation Center, Neighborhood Community Center, Costa Mesa Donald Dungan Library, and Fire Station 5.
(Source: City of Costa Mesa)

More Fun Information

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Safety Surfacing supporting inclusive and accessible play for all 

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Intricate design to meet theme of space

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Poured in place rubber at slide ends to help prevent early wear

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Top View of Lion Park in Costa Mesa