Springs Reserve Butterfly Playground


Springs Reserve Butterfly Playground Las Vegas, Nevada

Project Size: 300 square foot playground and a 550 square foot spray pad

Architects:  Matt Durham, PLA, Southwick Landscape Architects

The Springs Preserve Butterfly Playground project consists of a half-acre addition to the existing Springs Preserve garden area in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sitting directly adjacent to an existing butterfly habitat, this project continued the butterfly theme through its plant selection and hardscape elements. A 300 square foot playground and a 550 square foot spray pad are the main features of the design. A drainage channel was created to mitigate flooding issues within the existing garden and two bridges were built to provide access to the new amenities provided by this project. Butterfly attracting plant species were selected to provide environmental, educational and aesthetic value.

Springs Preserve Playground 3

Added visual ques to encourage imaginative play and socialization

Springs Preserve Playground 2

Poured rubber system

Springs Preserve Playground 1

Featuring green and blue wear course designed to match equipment theme