Re-Topping vs. Demo and Replace

Re-Topping vs. Demo and Replace

Playgrounds are susceptible to wear and tear and all kinds of weather conditions. Depending on the maintenance, age, and condition of the playground, here are a few options to consider when looking to update playground surfacing and flooring.


Poured in Place (PIP) rubber surfaces are the most accessible and compliant safety surfaces available. PIP offers the most creativity and is fairly cost-effective in order to meet budget requirements. To ensure your investment lasts, routine cleaning and maintenance is highly recommended.

Direct sunlight, extensive debris, and irrigation/reclaimed water with chemicals are the enemy to any rubberized surface; the level of wear and tear will also be a factor as to how long you can expect your surface to properly perform. 

Scheduled every 18 to 24 months, based on usage, roll coats are your best proactive plan to extending the life of your safety surface. After appropriately cleaning the surface, the specially formulated urethane binders penetrate the wear course of the pad to restrengthen the bonding of granules. The coating also provides UV protection from sun damage and helps minimize future cracks and granulation.

Wear course repairs are used to repair surfacing holes, cracks, and thinning. Granulated surfaces can be considered trip hazards, making your surface unsafe and creating an environment that is not aesthetically pleasing. Color seams and perimeter separation repairs are also common issues. When installing, stepping all seams, and notching cushion material allows more wear course granules to be applied to the perimeter edge, thus minimizing this common issue. Most maintenance and repairs can be completed in less than one day, add one day for proper curing and play can continue in 48 hours.

Demo and Replace

Playground surfaces that are very old and devoid of regular maintenance and care may need to be completely replaced. This requires that the cushion layer, as well as the top layer, be removed and reinstalled with new material. By replacing a badly damaged or worn system, you can return your playground flooring to compliance.

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